NOTE: This documentation does not entirely reflect features found in the latest version.

If you are familiar with MichaelDarkAngel's ARchive_neXt, then you should be familiar with the usage of Blacksmith.

If you are not, this documentation will provide all the foreknowledge you need. There are some components of the program that you should become familiar with.

Sure, this documentation is lengthy, but it is certainly comprehensive. Wait, it has pictures! :)


You probably stumbled across Blacksmith on Xentax or on GitHub. Either way, welcome!

Blacksmith is a tool for Windows that views, extracts, and converts 3D models, textures, and sounds from three particular games. These are the games that Blacksmith supports:

The tool is under active development and features do not work perfectly (you may run into an issue or incompatibility). That is alright. Contact me (details here) if this happens.

Table of Contents
Left Panel
Right Panel
Saving and Converting
Soundpack Browser
Resource Identifiers Viewer
Icon Glossary

Left Panel

Left Panel

The left panel is the file tree/file browser. There will be the three games listed. Each root-level entry corresponds to a specific game. Contents of folders and forge files will display here, similar to the Windows Explorer.


If you click the + icon, the contents of the game's directory will be appear. You have expanded that entry. Every entry has this icon. If you click the - icon, you will have collapsed that entry.

There are two types of entries that can be expanded: folders and forge. Each entry has an icon. The icon glossary is detailed here.

If while browsing you come across these icons, Blacksmith can preview and convert them as of Version 1.7:

Icon Type Respective Viewer
Mesh Mesh (3D Model) 3D & Text Viewers
Texture Map Texture Map (Texture) Image Viewer
Texture Set Texture Set Text Viewer

If you click on Mesh, Texture Map, or Texture Set, Blacksmith will extract, interpret, and display the data in the respective viewer. Do not fret if Blacksmith does not show anything or yields an error. Report the error to me on Discord (tag me please).

Context Menu

A context menu is a menu that appears after you right-click an element. Guess what? The same occurs in Blacksmith.

The context menu in the Left Panel provides you with several actions. The presented actions depend on the entry you right-clicked - primarily its type.


These actions are always present regardless of the entry's type.

Item Description
Copy Name to Clipboard No explanation needed
Show File in Explorer A Windows Explorer window will appear with the file selected in the Temporary File Path. If the file has not been extracted, Windows Explorer will display the Temporary File Path with no file selected.

forge Entry

Item Description
Create filelist Creates a filelist and saves it to a file
Extract All Extracts all this forge file's entries as raw (compressed, uncombined) data


This menu will show if you right-clicked an entry that is not a Model or Texture Map.

Item Description
Save Raw Data As Saves the raw (compressed, uncombined) data of this entry
Save Decompressed Data As Saves the decompressed (combined) data of this entry
Show Resource Identifiers Viewer Read here for more details

Model, Texture Map

These two are grouped because they contain the same action.

Item Description
Save As Read here for more details


Right Panel

The three Viewers live here: 3D, Image, and Text.

3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer is where Meshes (3D models) are displayed.


3D Viewer Toolbar

Item Description
Controls Help Displays a list of controls
Camera Displays the camera's coordinates (position and rotation)
Reset Camera Resets the camera and 3D model
Vertices Displays the total number of vertices
Faces Displays the total number of faces/triangles
Meshes Displays the number of meshes


Controls are found by clicking on "Controls Help" on the toolbar. To rotate the model, left-click and drag left and right within the 3D Viewer. Your cursor will be bound within the 3D Viewer as long as you hold the left mouse button.

Image Viewer

3D Viewer Toolbar

Item Description
Dimensions Displays the dimensions of the image
Zoom Level Adjusts the zoom level
Toggle Alpha/Transparency Toggles the background between the transparency grid and black (effective on textures with an alpha channel)

Text Viewer

If you could not guess what Text Viewer does, it displays text.

Saving and Converting

One of Blacksmith's purposes is to save and convert supported files (Meshes and Texture Maps). It can also export sounds (go here for information). Here are which formats Blacksmith can save and convert.

Type Formats
Mesh (3D model) obj
pck (Soundpack) ogg
Texture Map (Texture) dds, jpeg, png, tga, tiff

Before you begin churning out files

I strongly suggest that you read (if you have not already) read the Context Menu section. It details every option in the context menu.

How to save and convert

  1. Right-click an expanded entry. If the entry is collapsed, it has not been read and extracted.
  2. Select an option. If needed, go to the Context Menu section for details of each action.

Save As Window

Save As window

The presented options will change based on which entry type you selected (Mesh or Texture Map).


Game Paths

Item Description
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey The path to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
Assassin's Creed: Origins The path to Assassin's Creed: Origins
Steep The path to Steep

Temporary Files

Item Description
Temporary File Path The path where Blacksmith reads and writes to (DO NOT SET THIS TO A GAME PATH)
Delete Temporary Files upon Closing If enabled, Blacksmith will delete all files in the Temporary File Path upon exiting

3D Viewer

Item Description
Render Mode How 3D geometry will be visualized - solid, wireframe, points (point cloud)
Point Size Effective only if Render Mode is set to "Points" Adjusts the size of points
Mouse Sensitivity Adjusts the responsiveness (or speed) of left-click dragging within the 3D Viewer
Background Color Sets the background color of the 3D Viewer


Item Description
Filelist Separator Changes the character to separate values in a filelist
Hide Popups Hides popup messages of a certain type - success, failure, success & failure, none
Automatically fix normal maps Fixes normal maps upon saving/converting
Remember Last Find Query If enabled, the last used Find query will be saved


Blacksmith has a comprehensive Find feature, helpful when browsing in tens of thousands of entries.

3D Viewer Toolbar

Item Description
Forge to search in An active list of expanded forge files is kept here. Select a forge file to search within its entries.
Query Your search query. The dropdown tells Blacksmith how to search. The dropdown has "case-sensitive" and "case-insensitive" variants of each entry: "Partial/Whole" (supports partial or whole names), "Regex" (Regular Expression), and "Wildcard".
Filter By A list of certain types (such as LOD Selector, Mesh, and Texture Set) to filter. A query is unneeded in order for this option to work.

How to access

Click the Find item from the top menu.

Soundpack Browser

Blacksmith has support for viewing the contents of a pck (soundpack) file. pck files are not located in forge files, rather in the sounddata folder (found on the root of each game).

Soundpack Browser

How to access

  1. Open the sounddata folder from any game.
  2. Locate a pck file.
  3. Click on it. The Soundpack Browser will appear and load all entries from the soundpack.

How to use

Single Selection

Click an entry and click Extract Selected.

Multiple Selection

Hold either Shift key, click multiple entries, and click Extract Selected.

Resource Identifiers Viewer

This is a tool that lists all located Resource Identifiers in an expanded (extracted) entry. It works with all entries, regardless of type.

Icon Glossary

This list will update as new versions add or remove icons. These are current as of Version 1.7. Only select Resource Identifiers will have icons.

These icons come from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Image Library and are used throughout Blacksmith.

Icon Type
Animation Animation
Build Table Build Table
Cell Data Block Cell Data Block
Entity Entity
Entity Builder Entity Builder
Entity Group Entity Group
Local Cube Map Local Cube Map
Localization Package Localization Package
LOD Selector LOD Selector
Material Material
Material Template Material Template, Compiled Material Template
Mesh Mesh (3D Model)
Mesh Shape Mesh Shape
Too long Mesh Shape Triangle Material Data
Mipmap Mipmap
Object Pack Object Pack
Procedural Entity Procedural Entity
Soundpack Soundpack
Terrain Node Data Terrain Node Data
Texture Map Texture Map (Texture)
Texture Set Texture Set
Texture Set Theatre Cinematic/Theater Cinematic
Universe Universe
Water Mesh Water Mesh
World World

So you have made it

There was quite a lot of information presented above. You can always refer to this page by selecting More > Documentation from the top menu. Not every aspect of Blacksmith was mentioned here. If that happened, this documentation would drone on even more.

So I will leave that up to you to discover the other features. Contact me (preferably on Discord, tag me if you do) if you have questions or errors/issues.

Thanks for reading!


What are forge, Mesh, Texture Map, and Texture Set?

The knowledge of each of these types is not essential to the usage of Blacksmith, but it helps. forge is an archive file (conceptually similar to a zip, rar, or tar file), but can only be read by the games and Blacksmith. Mesh is a 3D model. Texture Map is a file that provides information about a texture and image data. Texture Sets are lists of texture references.

I do not own every game. Where can I get them?

There is no need since Blacksmith works with one, two, or three games. I DO NOT CONDONE PIRACY. Purchase games on Steam, Humble Bundle, or on the Uplay/Ubisoft store.

Which version of OpenGL does Blacksmith use?

At least for me, 4.6. It also depends on the OpenGL version listed on your graphic card's specifications.

Why so many errors?

Blacksmith is under heavy active development. Things are prone to go wrong. Contact me about any problem. I respond within a few hours.