These are the official releases of Blacksmith.

If you are looking for the source code, 1.6 and older are located on GitHub. 1.7 and newer are available to donators, accessible through the Donator Login.

The MD5 hashes are provided here so that you can verify that you downloaded the official version.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 | 64-bit only

RAM: 4+ GB (if you have enough to run any of these games, then you have enough)

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Changes in 1.9.5 Size: 13.4 MB Date: 2020-12-15 22:18:54 MD5: 8EDDD21F548787029EA75506136EF252

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Changes in 1.9.4 Final Release (INITIAL Valhalla support)13.3 MB2020-11-19 21:45:0021725C75DB12DF5FD98584E14B132A4E Download
Changes in 1.9.4 Public Beta (details on Discord)8.8 MB2020-09-02 17:11:47? Download
Changes in MB2020-04-02 23:29:19CA54B02FC289069F2A877588DB93D0C5 Download
Changes in MB2019-10-03 15:05:526909ABF4803B7F9757B273457703C1B1 Download
Changes in MB2019-09-29 23:58:30504B0304140000000800AC0CA84EED1E Download
Changes in 1.99.6 MB2019-08-28 00:20:5668285D6D9FA6C478B7213E3E20271A51 Download
Changes in MB2019-07-18 22:11:416CB15D9877981D43C113F27CAD15C9EC Download
Changes in 1.89.5 MB2019-07-09 00:12:27504B0304140000000800AC44A84EED1E Download
1.7.1This existedfor a time but wastaken down.Unavailable
Changes in 1.76.7 MB2019-05-24 02:33:3824DD4F20B8B07B7E08228B83133520C0 Download
Changes in 1.65.69 MB2019-04-20 23:38:36C2649631BD8D13E175D96703104CBD0E Download
Changes in MB2019-04-01 23:29:050834E9788D365965BF39E0E592BF674D Download
Changes in 1.5 (preview)5.52 MB2019-03-31 01:37:3509914543671D63B2B25FBD535F78E0C1 Download
Changes in 1.45.52 MB2019-03-08 00:38:25996218B956B95CCAFEEF40D9A0F48495 Download
Changes in MB2019-02-19 23:02:105C12905CA28D63E4BF6EA3C1560BF5E0 Download
Changes in 1.35.47 MB2019-02-18 22:12:547C9BF682A36A18100F5A492F2143F9D9 Download
Changes in 1.23.4 MB2019-02-03 22:51:58A0419A697B0C3840991FB4A0DF5D55E7 Download
Changes in 1.15.43 MB2019-01-23 23:41:57BA05D5588CB09B41668810B61E2994E0 Download
Changes in 1.05.43 MB2019-01-22 23:43:23C21098B29859818C536A5ECE5E2C09EE Download

Current Support


Texture Type Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Assassin's Creed: Origins Steep Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
Diffuse ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Normal ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Mask ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Specular ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
UI/HUD ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
DiffuseAlphaMap partial partial partial partial

3D Models

3D Model Features Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Assassin's Creed: Origins Steep Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
Geometry ✔️ (>90%) ✔️ (>75%) ✔️ (>90%) ✔️ (>90%)
Normals ✔️ (may be incorrect) ✔️ (may be incorrect) ✔️ (may be incorrect) ✔️ (may be incorrect)
UV0 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
UV1 partial partial N/A partial


Type Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Assassin's Creed: Origins Steep Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
GlobalMetaFile ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
LODSelectors ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Materials (partial) ✔️ ✔️ X ✔️
Soundbanks ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Soundpacks ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
TextureMapSpecs N/A N/A N/A ✔️
TextureSets ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️



  • 1/?/2021
  • to-do


  • 12/15/2020
  • added
    • (Save As) option to choose which UV to export, default is 0
    • Valhalla support additions and improvements, including
      • partial model type 3 support
        • for now, these models are treated as having one all-encompassing mesh each
        • SharedGroup00 > Hair_ACK_Eivor_MF_01_LOD0 (1962990526045) can be exported
      • support for the additional forge raw data format
    • (Valhalla only) filelist-based CompiledMip/TopMip searching, extraction, and loading
      • other games will follow once I get around to work on them
    • ability to brute-force TextureMap, in the case Blacksmith cannot interpret it
      • how to access
        • right-click a TextureMap node (one that reads "TextureMap") and select Texture > Brute-Force
        • find a TextureMap Blacksmith fails to interpret & convert, and click OK in the popup
            -*also, the "Failed to convert the texture" is no longer a failure popup, for it now has a special purpose*
      • this behaves identically to brute-forcing a CompiledMip/TopMip, as introduced in the previous update
    • added File > Quick Save Contents of Active Viewer (Ctrl+S), this skips to the file dialog
    • added File > Save Contents of Active Viewer (Ctrl+Shift+S), this shows the Save As window
    • references to Immortals: Fenyx Rising - no support yet, depending on demand
  • updated
    • improved Steep model support, can now handle models without ClusteredMesh, without failing
    • (3D Viewer) Blacksmith will no longer render the viewport under these conditions:
      • if the window is minimized
      • if the active Viewer is not the 3D Viewer
    • (3D Viewer) I restored mouse controls in 1.9.4; they were disabled for testing
      • note: you must hold down Left Alt in order to use mouse controls
    • (Image Viewer) added a Save As button
    • 3D model normals adjustment in all games
    • games are alphabetically sorted in the hierarchy
    • removed Tools > Save 3D Viewer Contents
    • slightly more Rainbow Six Siege support: ability to decompress & extract files (still no mesh or texture support)
    • strings
  • fixed
    • texture saving issue which affected all games, especially Valhalla
    • issue with applying saved panel distances
    • issues with context-menu > Datafile > Save Raw Data and Save Decompressed Data
    • files exported from context-menu > Datafile > Saw Raw Data and Save Decompressed Data would not overwrite existing files (saving was too cautious)
    • Vallaha-related issues
      • diffuse map conversion
      • inability to read TextureSets and Materials due to errors
      • CompiledMip DDS generation
      • (Save As, Find, Brute-Force) sometimes, these windows would never show again after closing them
    • (Find Window) the order of elements when cycling through them using the Tab key
    • if an image file (jpg, png, etc.) was selected, the dimensions did not update
    • context menu > Forge > Extract All did not extract to the user-specified folder
    • upon opening a file from the File > Open menu, the Type label did not show the human-readable version
  • known issues
    • (CRITICAL) TextureMaps are not always interpreted after loading from a file (File > Open)
      • however, models work
      • I should do something to speed up this process
    • (Steep) helicopter LOD2 fails to load

1.9.4 Final Release

  • 11/19/2020
  • added
    • preliminary Valhalla support (INITIAL SUPPORT for models, textures, TextureMapSpec, and sounds - EXPECT ERRORS)
    • initial custom Blacksmith filelist support
    • filelists for Valhalla are included, hence the larger overall size
    • in the future, filelists will be provided and optionally downloaded
    • LODSelector support for all games
    • ability to brute-force extract of CompiledMips/TopMips for all games (including Valhalla), based on user-specified values (exactly like Rawtex)
    • initial UV1 support for Odyssey and Valhalla (Origins will get attention)
    • brought back the UV Viewer, with the ability to view UV0 and UV1 (if the model has a valid UV1 channel)
    • UV1 support in exported models is not possible, due to the limitations placed by the 3D library
    • heavily experimental batch extraction, called the Queue (conversions will fail often)
      • limitations
        • models: up to 50 items, deducts from global counter [3D Viewer > Save As (50 saves left)]
          • restart Blacksmith to reset the counter
        • textures and other files: unlimited
      • Queue window: a place to view and manage the Queue
        • how to access
          • right-click a forge entry or forge subentry and select "Add to Queue"
          • (Find window) "Add All to Queue" button
    • shortcut keys for the Find and Queue windows
      • Ctrl+F: Find
      • Ctrl+Shift+Q: Queue (Ctrl+Q coincides with the camera)
    • (Welcome & Setting windows) added support for loading settings from a user.config file
    • partial DiffuseAlphaMap support for all games
    • Tools > Decompress > Oodle and Tools > Decompress > Zstd - you can decompress a file containing only Oodle or Zstd data, if you know the decompressed size
    • inate ability to save panel/content (file hierarchy, meshes list) sizes and restore them upon launch (built-in, not a setting)
    • another experimental feature (no model, texture, etc. support)
    • icon for Skeletons
    • (Find window) TextureMapSpec added to the filters
  • fixed
    • models with multiple meshes exported incorrectly (MediAsylum)
    • the fix for normal maps did not apply, regardless of the setting's value
    • settings.ini would not be created in the Temporary File path
    • (Steep) model in general, Mip location, & NormalMaps
    • (Steep) file names of packed entries contained incorrect file IDs
    • if you have .acod, .acor, or .stp files generated by BS, you can open them without BS being actively tethered to the games' directories (say your game drive was removed, BS will open and not throw errors)
    • improved DDS data generation
    • ensured that all file output operations were safe (so that BS will not crash during writing operations)
    • normals for all games
  • updated
    • (3D Viewer) while Ctrl is held, the camera moves and rotates at 1/4 speed, instead of 1/2 speed
    • (3D Viewer) flipped camera left/right orbit
    • the path label was moved above
    • (Welcome window) additional changes
    • (Settings window) additional changes
    • (Find window) now stores previous queries during a session (also called history), click the dropdown arrow to see previous queries
    • (Find window) the textbox was replaced with a dropdown
    • (Find window) removed Icon column
    • (Find window) time taken (now called duration) is now displayed in MM:SS
    • (Select from List) (obtained by opening a file that contains multiple files, such as an LODSelector) better presentation
    • if a forge entry contains packed entries, these packed entries are now considered as subentries (no longer expand to view the file in the Viewers)
    • how file paths are used internally
    • updated open and save file dialog filters
    • removed Mouse Sensitivity and Invert Mouse Y-Axis settings
    • the Save As, Soundpack Browser, and Settings windows appear in the center, whereas the Find and Queue windows appear to the right
    • strings

1.9.4 Public Beta

  • 9/16/2020
  • updated
    • (3D Viewer) models and grid are proper scaling in meters
    • (3D Viewer) the model will not longer be adjusted in any form after reading the data and manipulating it once
    • (3D Viewer) vastly improved camera and controls (now a modified arcball camera)
    • (3D Viewer) new control: Z - Move Down, and flipped actions of the Q and E keys
    • (3D Viewer) replaced Show Grid with Model Size, which reports the size of the current model
    • (Save As) the format dropdowns will now default to the user's default model and texture settings
    • (Save As) removed the elusive "Combine Meshes into a Single File" completely
    • no more extra scaling, even to exported models
    • reduced overall camera speed
    • removed the UV Viewer, too slow and prone to failing
    • (Donate Window) now uses a webview to display the text (IE 11)
    • removed AxisGizmo
    • removed "Use 1.7 and Older Camera" setting
    • removed glTF support (it never worked properly)
      • if you had the "Default Model Format" setting set to glTF, it will be switched to 3ds
    • UI changes & strings
    • removed some unneeded logging
  • fixed
    • Odyssey model importing logic (help from hypermorphic/jjj)
      • Steep model and texture problems were also fixed
    • proper Resource Identifier names
    • (Save As) FBX 7.5 Binary now saves in Binary
    • (Welcome) "AC: Origins - Set" and "Steep - Set" messages now show on each game's respective button
    • (Welcome) patched a "not enough memory resources" issue
    • (Welcome) additional fixes & changes
    • File ID on the bottom toolbar shows up more reliably when loading a file from File > Open File
    • "None" will no longer show under a forge entry
    • texconv's window will no longer show

Version 1.9.3

  • (4/2/2020)
  • added
    • a meter (next to the Save As button) that ticks down the number of exports left in a session
      • the value resets each time you open Blacksmith meter
  • fixed
    • certain head models from Origins could not be loaded

Version 1.9.2

  • (10/3/2019)
  • added
    • Blacksmith will flash orange in the taskbar upon completing a successful task (regardless of the "Hide Popups" setting)
  • updated
    • the Save As window will close after saving
    • the number of vertices, faces, and meshes are no longer updated every 1/60 sec. (16.6 ms.), instead are updated only when the model changes
    • FlashWindow and Message classes now belong to Blacksmith.Helpers
  • fixed
    • stretched-out 3D Viewer
    • a result found in the list, by double-clicking (or right-clicking > Show in List), could lose focus in the list
      • the fix is that the result will appear green in Blacksmith
    • Find window UI fixes
      • the splitter covered "Filter By"
      • the column headers covered the column text

Version 1.9.1

  • (9/29/2019)
  • updated
    • updated Oodle's binary to the latest version
  • fixed
    • UVs were incorrect on certain meshes with external UV data - affected Odyssey and Origins
    • Blacksmith threw a fit if the user loaded an ini file from an older version on the Welcome dialog - issue with the "Lang" property not found
    • improper scaling if the user set the DPI scaling (in Display settings) greater than 100%

Version 1.9

  • (8/27/2019)
  • added
    • Steep ⛷ 🏂
      • partial 3D model support
      • Material support
      • Texture Set support
    • GlobalMetaFile support for all three games (Steep's GlobalMetaFiles do not have unhashed names, but instead will use a list of known hashes)
    • German translations (credit: xBaebsae)
    • Portugese (Portugal) translations (credit: Messias)
    • Table Viewer (used by Texture Sets and Meshes now)
    • "Tools > Convert > WEM --> OGG"
    • "Compiled Texture Map", "Mip", "Skeleton", and "Material Template" to the Forge Filter (Settings) and Filter By (Find)
    • Material reports are generated when a Material is selected from the entries list (hierarchy)
    • after loading a model, look in the Table Viewer to see if Materials referenced by the model were found (for all games)
    • icons for each game
    • shortcut to "Tools > Export 3D Viewer Contents", Ctrl+Shift+E
    • new Settings to the Behavior section: Default Model Format, Default Normals Mode, Default Texture Format
      • these preload the values for the formats and Normals Mode in the Save As window, so that it saves you time when exporting files
    • Blacksmith.IO.Reader, an extension to BinaryReader
  • updated
    • "Forge Filter" is now called "Resource Types to Display" to avoid further confusion
    • "Tools > Show File in the Viewers" was moved to "File > Open File..." (shortcut: Ctrl+O)
    • Materials and Texture Sets yield better reports
    • moved "Tools > Decompress File" and "Tools > Decompress Folder" to "Tools > Decompress > ..."
    • "Tools > Decompress > ..." supports LZO (1X, 1C, 2A) compression (which means data from older AC games [III, Black Flag, Unity, Syndicate, etc.] can be decompressed, NOT READ)
    • Lang.Form1 is now Lang.MainWindow, reflected also in MainWindow
    • updated "excess" shaders were removed from this and future releases of Blacskmith
      • donators still have access to all removed shaders in the source code
    • popups that were not translated before are now translated
    • how icons are located
    • text size of the Text Viewer
    • Settings, internally and externally (UI)
    • the Welcome window
    • FastTreeView and EntryTreeNode are now in Blacksmith.Controls
    • ConvertDialog is now SaveAsDialog
    • sped up reading raw data for each game
    • cleaned up Find-related code in MainWindow and Helper
    • removed the usused and hidden "Tools > Decompress Localization Data"
  • fixed
    • saving/converting a texture failed
    • user was able to create duplicates of the Save As window
    • Save Query (Settings) did nothing, now it does
    • after auto-texturing worked its magic, it would generate files without a file ID - this has been fixed
    • searching by file ID yielded no results when "" was selected
    • Find menu item was not translated
    • after closing the Settings, the language would change to a different one
    • the Render Modes were not translated
    • Steep's file IDs were incorrect
    • Steep's forges were not recognized by the Find window
    • all popups were "hidden" or not directly apparent to the user when they appeared
    • the grid would be counted in the total vertices and meshes in the 3D Viewer
    • Resource Types to Display (a.k.a. Forge Filters) will adapt if the newer version has a different amount of resource types

Version 1.8.1

  • (7/18/2019)
  • added
    • Show Grid in the 3D Viewer
    • the inner-workings of translation support
    • Russian translation (credit: MediAsylum)
    • I18N-Portable, a library to help with localization
  • updated
    • the Save As dialog no longer is a modal (always visible until it is closed)
    • the Settings window with a new Behavior section
    • did more things with the upcoming filelists feature
    • Forge class
    • renamed "Form1" to "MainWindow" and moved it to Blacksmith.Forms
    • the TextureSet reading logic in Odyssey uses ulongs instead of longs
  • fixed
    • camera issues (credit: hypermorphic/jjj)
    • model scaling issues
    • after clicking the "Actually, I have..." button (in the Welcome window), the file chooser dialog would not allow the user to select an .ini file
    • incorrect World resource identifier icon and Terrain Node Data did not have an icon (but it was still located in the files)
    • the Resource Identifier named "CellDataBlock" does not exist, the correct name is "GridCellDataBlock"

Version 1.8

  • (7/9/2019)
  • added
    • "Save As" to the 3D Viewer
    • "" in the "Forge to search in" - guess what it does?
    • the user can now search by a file ID in the Find window (check the "Is File ID?" checkbox)
    • "Auto-Rotate" in the 3D Viewer
    • the Blacksmith icon in the Windows Taskbar will display progress, if a task (extraction, decompression) is ongoing
    • glTF (1.0 binary) support for saving models
    • winsparkle - a framework for checking and automatically installing updates
    • Blacksmith will scan each entry/file loaded from Tools > Show File in the Viewers and check if it has Packed Entries
  • updated
    • renamed "Multifile Entries" to "Packed Entries"
    • the donate window will not show up upon the first launch
    • the Settings window
      • added "File Types to Show within Forges" (Miscellaneous) allows the user to filter (like in the Find window) which file types he wants to see
      • added "Invert Mouse Y" (found in the 3D Viewer section in the Settings)
      • added "Do Not Unload Forges After Collapsing Them" (Miscellaneous) - this does not freeze the UI; any collapsed and loaded forge entry will turn green
      • added "Image Viewer" box
  • updated
    • Settings save upon changing any value
    • Origins 3D model importer - implemented the other known type of mesh structure
    • removed the mouse-locking feature of the 3D Viewer
    • toned down the Welcome window (it was too angry, a user said)
    • the logic of the forge unloading - now the green background indicates that the forge was loaded and all its entries have been created - the background reverts to white if the forge was unloaded (collapsed) and the "Do not unload..." is unchecked
    • the checkbox lists in the 3D Viewer and Settings are more responsive
    • file-writing in the Temporary File Path (file names now include the file ID)
    • loading, saving, and handling the settings (now settings are written to settings.ini in the Temporary File Path upon closing the Settings window, and is read at launch)
    • 3D Viewer
      • added a grid
      • moved Render Mode from Settings (no longer saves in Settings) to the toolbar
      • new key: hold Left Control to make the camera move slow
      • improved rendering and camera mechanics
      • new default camera position and rotation
    • Image Viewer
      • scroll the mouse wheel to zoom (enable/disable in the Settings)
      • click and drag the middle mouse button/mouse wheel to pan
      • zooming is now a lot quicker, for two reasons
        • no more smoothing (pixelated appearance)
        • the original image is stored in memory, instead of being pulled from the file upon each zoom increment
    • Find feature and window
      • added File ID to the results table
      • results in the window will show icons (just as you see in the file list) and the overarching Resource Identifier
      • improved the result of the "Time Taken" in the Find window
      • the entry's file ID will appear in the extracted file to avoid conflicts with duplicate names
      • in the "Filter By" dropdown, "Mesh (3D model)" is now "Mesh"
      • "Show in List" now searches by file ID, instead of name
      • improved overall Find mechanics
    • the Welcome dialog
      • added "Actually, I have a Settings.ini file", which allows the user to load a settings.ini file previously saved from another version of Blacksmith
    • the progress bar on the bottom is more meaningful, and shows proper loading/extraction/decompression progress
    • model information is no logner printed to the Text Viewer (or anywhere)
    • error messages
    • updated UI (3D Viewer, About window, etc.)
    • renamed Helpers to Helper and moved it to Blacksmith.Helpers
    • renamed Cube class to Box, and updated its constructor
    • cleaned up code
  • fixed
    • Odyssey 3D model importer, that broke after reading UVs and after reading certain models with SubmeshBlendShapeID data
    • Odyssey & Origins importers that dealt with Packed Entries
    • incorrect name of decompressed file while using Tools > Decompress File
    • models were flipped
    • LOD Selectors would use the icon for Materials
    • "Show in List" (or double-clicking a result) does not work while "" is selected in the Find window
    • Find was unable to search in DLC forges
    • the 3D Viewer would receive mouse events while the menu was open and mouse events occurred on the menu
    • subentries (entries within the forge file) that are numbers are now omitted
    • the experimental feature crashed Blacksmith

Version 1.7.1

  • (5/??/2019)
  • This version was available for a short time, then was taken down.

Version 1.7

  • (5/24/2019)
  • Added
    • 3DS, DAE, FBX (7.5 Binary), and STL (ASCII) export
    • partial Material support
    • "Remember last-used Find parameters", found in Settings
    • added a Multifile Entry will display its contents, the contents will display their subentries (this eases extracting embedded materials, models, etc. without opening the Multifile Entry Exporter)
    • proper UV support for Odyssey
    • Flip X & Flip Y options in the Save As window for textures (flips textures upon conversion)
    • link to external documentation
    • "Entity", "Material", and "Texture Set" to "Filter By" in the Find dialog
    • icons from the Visual Studio 2017 Image Library to the treeview
    • "Welcome to Blacksmith", a setup wizard that will show to first-time users
    • "Donate/Support this Project" dialog and "More > Donate/Support this Project" menu
    • "Experimental Features" option in the Settings (you should try it out!)
    • safeguard to protect against incorrect .ini files from being loaded in the Settings
    • "(Debug)/(Release)" label in the "About" dialog, indicating that I released a development version or a final version
    • the Aspose.3D library
  • Updated
    • the teapot model is no longer included in Blacksmith - a cube is the new default model
    • major 3D Viewer improvements
      • now Blacksmith renders the model with a texture (instead of displaying the normals)
      • new controls: (added mouse support)
        • left-click drag: rotate model
        • right-click drag: move model
        • scroll wheel: zoom model
        • hold "Left Shift" key + W/A/S/D - move camera faster
        • hold "Left Shift" key + scroll wheel = zoom model faster
        • "R" key: reset camera and model transformation
        • "Q" key: move camera down
        • "E" key: move camera up
      • wireframe mode is proper (now renders triangles instead of quads)
      • camera adjustment fixes
      • adjust mouse sensitivity in the Settings
    • new temporary file structure
    • significantly improved Odyssey's and Origins' 3D model importers
    • "Show File in the Viewer" now scales down the 3D model
    • exported model scale
    • exported models (in OBJ) will contain groups with the model's name
    • AC texture importers
    • better detection and DDS generation
    • the Find window
    • a success message shows if the user saves the texture as a DDS
    • "Combine Meshes into Single File" is invisible (I did this because Aspose.3D has a limitation to saving multiple scenes at once)
    • visible meshes in the 3D Viewer will be the only meshes exported
    • results count is now comma-separated
    • time taken displays the total search time in seconds
    • "Toggle Alpha/Transparency" is now in the form of a dropdown with White as a new background color
    • NLog and ZStandard.Net versions
    • removed TextRenderer
    • About window
    • removed the DAE and DAEWriter classes
    • numerous other internal changes
  • Fixed
    • the mesh scaling issue
    • incorrect model rotation
    • recompiled texconv (as Release and not Debug this time) - no more DLL errors
    • typos in the popups after saving raw and decompressed data
    • the context menu of forge entries will no longer display all menus
    • a default temp path

Version 1.6

  • (4/20/2019)
  • Added
    • Texture Set support, data will display in the Text Viewer
    • "Multifile Entry" support, any entry that contains additional files (Build Table, LOD Selector, to name a couple)
      • found by right-clicking an entry or subentry and selecting Multifile Entry > Extract Contained Files, which reveals the Multifile Entry Exporter
    • Tools > Show File in the Viewers and Tools > Export 3D Viewer Contents; both features are self-explanatory
    • number of results displays in the Find window
    • Filter By in the Find window (easily locate 3D models and textures)
    • automatic normal map fixing feature (flips blue channel; credit to @cire992), can be turned off in the Settings
    • save & load Settings to .ini files
    • 500+ new Resource Identifiers
    • if the entry is under 2 MB (compressed), all located Resource Identifiers will be displayed; otherwise, only the first Resource Identifier will be displayed
      • note: extraction may take slightly longer as a result
  • Updated
    • you can now press Escape to close any popup/dialog
    • renamed "ResourceType" to "ResourceIdentifier"
    • replaced the teapot with a cube until I feel like fixing the OBJ importer
    • rewrote the logic of the texture map importers
    • Blacksmith now employs a custom version of texconv (inverty was replaced with invertz)
    • DDS generation logic
    • cleaned up code
  • Fixed
    • a temporary file path will be created and set if the user did not set one
    • 3D models with skeletons and skeleton-related data are handled better with both AC games
    • OBJ exporter; now you can import models into your preferred software without errors, though UVs do not always come out properly
    • the Resource Identifiers Viewer would not open if the user right-clicked on a subentry/Resource Identifier
    • the Image Viewer would show its previous image by changing to zoom level if a different (3D or text) asset was loaded
    • a crash caused by opening a GlobalMetaFile from Steep
    • various issues

Version 1.5.1

  • (4/1/2019)
  • Added
    • an option to exclude normals of 3D models in Save As... dialog
    • a setting to suppress success, warning, and failure popups
    • Controls Help in the 3D Viewer - you can view the controls for the 3D Viewer
    • loading and saving Settings to .ini files
    • ini-parser, a libray for reading and writing .ini files
  • Updated
    • subentries/Resource Types will not show multiple times
    • organized messages/popups throughout
    • better Build Table support
  • Fixed
    • texture conversion works again (texconv works again)
    • DDS textures will not be converted from DDS
    • the background color will be selected in the Color dialog when you open Settings
    • your session will not be lost if you close the Settings, unless you changed the path of a game or the temporary file path
    • a message will inform you that a Forge has not been selected in the Find window if you attempt to perform a search
    • a crash caused by loading a Steep 3D model (support will come in Version 1.6)
    • OBJ exporter again

Version 1.5 (preview)

  • (3/31/2019)
  • Added
    • initial Odyssey model support
    • the checkbox list next to the 3D Viewer - this allows you to toggle individuals meshes
    • added Show In Explorer context menu item
    • added more features to Find dialog: double-clicking reveals the entry in Blacksmith, "Forge to search in"
    • "Forge to search in" in the Find window
      • this allows you to specify which open .forge file to search, instead of the first open .forge file
    • Save As... window to simplify saving as other formats
  • Updated
    • better Origins 3D model support
    • 3D Viewer displays models 5x larger
    • output from 3D model in the Text Viewer
    • the split containers update while dragging the splitter
    • various UI and behavior improvements
    • DAE, SMD, STL export removed temporarily
  • Fixed
    • OBJ exporter
  • Texture conversion will sit out on this version. texconv is not being friendly. Expect this fixed in the next version.

Version 1.4

  • (3/8/2019)
  • Added
    • initial Origins 3D model support!

      Supported features: geometry, normals, texture coordinates (UVs)

    • added ability to export a 3D model to DAE and OBJ
    • Tools > Preview an Origins Model
    • adjust the size of points from the 3D Viewer in Settings
    • a Copy Name to Clipboard item to the context menu
    • a Datafile > Show Resource Identifiers Viewer item

      Resource Identifiers Viewer displays all located resource identifiers and offsets in that entry

  • Updated
    • the ResourceType enum and its extension class
    • faster and better Resource Type detection
    • 3D Viewer camera moves slower
    • 3D Viewer camera only moves if the cursor is on the 3D Viewer (all input is directed to it)
    • 3D Viewer now renders the model with its normals (colorful)
    • other 3D Viewer improvements
  • Fixed
    • file sizes over 2 GB would not show in the status bar
    • improved Steep texture support
    • the inability to extract image data from a TopMip/Mip if there is only one TopMip/Mip
    • the tree view would lose focus and the selected node would be unselected
    • the useless Decompress Localization Data menu item was removed from sight
    • Find feature works
    • various UI improvements

Version 1.3.1

  • (2/9/2019)
  • Fixed
    • extraction and loading issues regarding textures with TopMips/Mips
    • a crash that would arise after the user selects "No" from the "Warning" message when attempting to load a .forge with over 20,000 entries
    • that same message showed if a .forge has over 10,000 entries (though the message says "20,000") - this has been adjusted to 20,000
    • decompression and extraction issues
    • removed the Convert context menu item
    • fixed context menu items that were not working or caused crashes
    • the Image Viewer's scrollbars show when the image should be scrollable (that is, when the image is not entirely visible)
    • a message shows if a texture cannot be converted (instead of crashing)
    • the Tag property of the EntryTreeNode class has been superseded by the Path property
    • the 3D Viewer will not respond to camera movements unless Blacksmith is forefront and focused

Version 1.3

  • (2/18/2019)
  • Added
    • the 3D Viewer is all set to go
    • extensions for decompressed data for each game (.acod, .acor, .stp)
  • Updated
    • you are no longer able to set the background color of the Image Viewer because the background is now a grid
    • images displayed in the Image Viewer will be centered
    • images are now oriented correctly (rotated 180 degrees and flipped along the X-axis)
    • I rewrote a chunk of the Form1 class
    • the loading of entries occurs much quicker (insanely fast!)
    • abandoned SlimDX in favor of OpenTK
    • the 3D Viewer background color in the Settings window is enabled
    • raw data is no logner written to a file
    • deleted the ThreeD folder
    • created a new 3D-related folder ("Three")
    • Settings window more organized
    • Help is now implemented
    • the tree view and Soundpack Browser are temporarily disabled while entries are loading (to prevent the user from overworking the program)
  • Fixed
    • all entries from each .forge are loaded
    • zoom works with all images
    • any issue that arises when you browse multiple .forge files at once

Version 1.2

  • (2/3/2019)
  • Added
    • Texture conversion support for all games
    • Partial Steep texture extraction and viewing support
    • Blacksmith now has an icon! (credit to Krisada on the Noun Project)
    • Full support for .pck (soundpacks) and .bnk (soundbanks)

      The soundpack contents will appear in the Soundpack Browser, where you can extract sounds

    • Find menu and window (does not work yet)
    • Texture context menu
    • Zoom Level to the Image Viewer

      You can zoom on an image now

    • Localization-related enums to the ResourceType class
    • bnkextr, revorb, and ww2ogg
    • NAudio and NAudio.Vorbis
  • Fixed
    • Texture extraction/conversion occurs much quicker

      The Image Viewer becomes active with the texture already loaded

    • Converted textures will not be converted again if the user clicks on the entry/subentry again
  • Updated
    • x86 versions of lzo and Oodle are no longer included with the releases
    • Entries already loaded will appear individually (especially with large .forge files)
    • Assembly information
    • The progress bar animates while using the Tools > Decompress File
    • Decompress File now asks for a save location
    • The Path status label will no longer show paths within .forge files

Version 1.1

  • (1/23/2019)
  • Added
    • Initial Steep support! (do not expect full texture support until Version 1.2)
    • Support for viewing of textures in Odyssey
    • Partial support for viewing of textures in Origins
    • Support for .log files (viewable in the Text Viewer)
    • Functionality to the Create Filelist and Extract All context menus
      • Go in the Settings to change the output of the filelist with tabs or commas
    • Tools > Decompress File (where you can decompress an extracted file)
    • The ability to change the background color of the Image Viewer (in the Settings)
  • Fixed
    • Updated the version of texconv
    • The More > Source Code menu takes you to this repo (instead of crashing)
    • Made the context menu foolproof
  • Other
    • More preparation for the 3D Viewer (no word on its release)
    • More undocumented changes

Version 1.0

  • (1/19/2019)
  • Initial version
  • Known issues:
    • 3D Viewer does not show anything, yet
    • Image Viewer does not support .dds, yet (it supports .png)