Blacksmith Plus

What is it?

Blacksmith Plus is not a subscription to Blacksmith nor a separate program, but rather a "DLC" to Blacksmith. It will add on to the supported games that Blacksmith already supports - Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Asssassin's Creed Origins, Steep, Ghost Recon: Wildands (after 2.0's release), and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (after 2.0's release).


The price is $15 USD. It might change at any time, so do not be "on the fence" about purchasing for too long!

When you purchase Blacksmith Plus as one-time purchase, you will receive [product] lifetime updates for free. The list of included games will expand as I add onto Blacksmith Plus.

You can purchase Blacksmith Plus when it releases.

First two games

The first game will be Assassin's Creed III (III Remastered will come after). The second game will be Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. These games were the most requested. The other games will slowly release after these two are finished. The aim is to release every game listed below, except Liberation and the Chronicles games.

So why Blacksmith Plus, instead of ARchive_neXt?

I read all the Discord community's comments regarding ARchive_neXt - how it is broken and is done for (I completely agree). I respect MichaelDarkAngel (and his ARchive_neXt) as the pioneer of Assassin's Creed model/texture extraction, but it is really outdated and does not support everything that Blacksmith does. Moreover, it is unstable.

When will the first game release?

You will definitely know. I suggest that you check the Discord server weekly after Blacksmith 2.0's release.

When will it be finished?

I estimate at the earliest, Fall or Winter 2020. The latest is Spring 2021. This is a mid-term project, not long-term and short-term.

What will be supported?

Each game will support 3D models, textures, sounds, materials (partially), texture sets (partially), and maybe auto-texturing.

List of supported games

Here is a list of games that will be release during the lifetime of Blacksmith Plus. The text to the right is the edition of the supported game. If you bought a game and it is not the same edition as seen below, too bad. I do not intend to support other editions of these games.

The platform in parenthesis is/are the version(s) of each game that I will test with. In essence, everything boils down to either Uplay or DRM-free. See the next section for supported platforms.

In no particular order:

What if I bought a game on <insert a platform>?

What about Blacksmith?

Blacksmith will receive updates as I work on Blacksmith Plus.

What about the donators / donating?

Donators WILL NOT receive Blacksmith Plus for free nor for a discount. The purchase of Blacksmith Plus is independent of supporting Blacksmith.

Is Blacksmith Plus transferrable between computers?

Yes, for an unlimited amount of times. You will need to input license information again.


Now you will be able to totally ditch ARchive_neXt! (No offense, Michael) :)